Onsite audiometric testing in Henderson, the AMC, Kwinana and around Perth is available from our mobile hearing testing facility.

WHP’s hearing test truck visits the Henderson industrial area monthly to conduct onsite hearing tests for large and small businesses, including many of the ship building organisation such as Austal Ships. As well as the WorkCover hearing tests – baseline and subsequent audiometric testing in Henderson – we can also conduct noise surveys or noise assessments, including dosimetry, and lung function testing.

Audiometric testing in Henderson

We have been managing workplace hearing tests for ship building organisations such as Austal Ships for over a decade. This includes WorkCover baseline hearing tests, and full audiological assessments where required. Our onsite audiometric testing services are an ideal support for the organisation’s hearing loss risk management program, minimising disruption and helping them to identify and manage any trends in their employee’s hearing test results.

See how we can make your job easier by working with you to manage your hearing loss risk management, educate you workers, meet your legislative compliance and reduce potential risk of NIHL and possible Workers Compensation claims. We provide you with excellent audiometric testing reports, including group reports that can highlight your areas of greater risk and identify trends.

The onsite HSE services we commonly provide in Henderson and Kwinana include:

Our hearing test truck also completes 2 regional road trips every year to the Pilbara and Wheatbelt regions…find out dates for 2018

Learn more about our onsite audiometric testing in Henderson. Our onsite efficiency and cost-effectiveness makes your job so much easier!

Matt is very happy to call past and show you the truck if you are interested to see more. Just give us a call to set it up 9204 1999.

Noise control has always been a big issue in shipyards.

The hearing of employees exposed to noise can be monitored through regular audiometric examinations. Such testing in itself is not a preventive mechanism, and is only relevant in the context of a comprehensive noise management program. Any changes in hearing levels over time revealed by audiometry should be thoroughly investigated as to their cause(s) and the need for prevention.

An audiometric testing program should be available to any employee likely to be regularly exposed to excessive noise even if they regularly use personal hearing protectors.
See more in the National Code of Practice for Noise Management and Protection of Hearing at Work