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Drug and Alcohol testing

Changes to oral drug testing

An update on changes to saliva drug testing Australian Standards AS/NZ 4760:2019 2 years on and revision, public comment and re-revision has seen the new oral fluid Australian Standard become reality. A transition period applies while new devices compliant with the new Standard are produced, tested and verified by NATA accredited laboratories. Confirmation testing laboratories…

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Saliva vs urine drug testing

The question of saliva vs urine drug testing is a common one when writing and implementing a workplace drug and alcohol policy. We specialise in onsite drug testing in Perth and around Western Australia and this would be the most debated question by all of our clients when starting a drug and alcohol testing program. Today, urine drug testing…

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Medicinal cannabis now legal in Western Australia

Medicinal cannabis has just been legalised in Western Australia.  Medicinal cannabis, also referred to as medical marijuana, has been classified as a controlled drug nationally from 1 November 2016. Medicinal cannabis is a term that refers to preparations made from crude or raw cannabis. From 1 November, medicinal cannabis products may be prescribed by a specialist…

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Drug testing for ice – WA

Drug testing for ice or crystal meth has been very topical in the Perth media  Sadly, WA has the highest usage of ice in the country. Ice is methamphetamine in its purest form. According to a report by CCI WA, around 7000 WA workers turn up to work either under the influence of ice or suffering an…

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