Drug testing for ice or crystal meth has been very topical in the Perth media  Sadly, WA has the highest usage of ice in the country. Ice is methamphetamine in its purest form. According to a report by CCI WA, around 7000 WA workers turn up to work either under the influence of ice or suffering an ice “hangover”. This is causing significant issues for WA employers, especially when it comes to workplace drug testing.

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How would I know if an employee is using ice or crystal meth?drug testing for ice perth

The most common signs of someone who has recently used ice include:

  • extreme tiredness, blurred vision, mood swings, paranoia, depression, agitation, has difficulty concentrating or making decisions.
  • You may have seen unexplained patterns of absenteeism, poor appetite or infected sores or injections sites.

An ice “high” causes feelings of intense euphoria, exhilaration, arousal and activity. Users feel alert, energised, talkative, confident and powerful. The ice low is very very different.

 Drug testing for ice or crystal meth

You need to carry out drug testing for ice or any other drug in accordance with your organisation’s drug and alcohol policy.

If they return a non-negative drug test result, a GCMS ladrug testing for ice perthb test should be done to confirm the result. This can be done from the same test sample.

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