The flu vaccine is the most important measure you can take to prevent influenza and its complications, especially now with coronavirus concerns. In order to achieve the highest level of protection during peak flu season, the Department of Health recommends people get vaccinated from mid-April in 2020.

When should you get vaccinated this year?

“Receiving a vaccination from April provides optimal protection from influenza ahead of the peak period of influenza circulation, which typically occurs from June to September in most parts of Australia.”

Timing is everything — it’s important to be protected early on when the flu season kicks off, but also several months later, when flu activity peaks. While the vaccine is generally expected to provide you immunity for the whole season, research shows its effectiveness can start to wane after three to four months.

Paying extra attention to personal hygiene because of COVID-19 will help reduce the risk and spread of seasonal flu too.

Symptoms of Covid-19 v flu

symptoms coronavirus v flu