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Hearing Awareness Week update

Hearing Awareness WeekHearing loss infographic

It’s Hearing Awareness Week…a reminder that our hearing is precious, fragile and won’t grow back if lost!

Noise-induced hearing loss is of major concern, as it is one of the most common and preventable workplace injuries. Once your hearing is lost, it does not come back.

According to Safe Work Australia there were approximately 16,500 successful workers’ compensation claims for industrial deafness involving permanent hearing impairment due to noise exposure at work, from July 2002 – June 2007.

Hearing loss occurs gradually so it is important to be aware of the risks and limit exposure to excessive noise where ever possible.

  • Noise surveys help you to determine the level of noise exposure in the workplace, and to identify strategies to reduce noise in work areas of high noise exposure.
  • Personal and well fitted hearing protection is important for those who are exposed to noise over 80-85dB due to their work tasks. And
  • Regular audiometric testing helps to identify any patterns of hearing loss so that those noise risks can be better managed.

Employers are required to organise and pay for a baseline hearing test for all employees and register this with WorkCover WA.  This legislation serves the employee by establishing a baseline hearing test measure for compensation should changes occur indicating hearing loss. It also serves to protect the employer against ‘bogus’ workers compensation claims.

See more in WorkCover WA’s “Guide to Noise Induced Hearing Loss”

CHP can help you measure noise levels, conduct onsite audiometric testing at your workplace, register your results with WorkCover and provide you with audiometric testing reports that monitor and highlight any trends of hearing loss in individuals, specific roles or in certain work areas across your organisation.

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