PEMs – Perth based

Work Health Professionals provide Pre Employment Medicals (PEMs) at a number of clinics around Perth, Perth airport, regional WA, and interstate. In most cases, these can be conducted on the same day, or at least within 48hrs from when the booking is made.

We get that you often need to mobilise workers for sites across WA and interstate, sometimes at short notice.

We understand that this may vary from job role, site location, project contract, company policy and individual, so we work with you to tailor the pre employment medical and associated PEM paperwork.

Work Health Professionals’ pre employment medicals include a range of assessments:pre employment medicals perth

  • audiometric testing
  • lung function testing/spirometry
  • drug and alcohol screening (incl instant and/or lab DAS)
  • musco-skeletal assessment
  • relevant industry medical assessment (ie: Coal Board medical; Rail Pass medical; Mobile plant operator medical etc)

Generally pre employment medicals are undertaken to ascertain whether the candidate is going to be able to complete the tasks indicated in the job description effectively and safely. This is obviously very important for reducing the chance of accidents and potential subsequent litigation and/or compensation.

We also offer a different approach to managing the pre employment medical process….a pre employment screening service.

Pre employment medicals – screening servicepre employment medicals perth

Generic pre employment medicals or fit for work assessments can be expensive, often provide information irrelevant to the job offered, are reliant    on a candidate’s honesty and can delay the employment process.  For many roles, effective pre employment medicals can be attained through a     more simple approach.

A health history questionnaire, requesting information relevant to the job description, could be provided to the candidate.
Once completed, it can be submitted electronically to Work Health Professionals for job suitability review against company, role and site criteria and ‘signed-off’ by a nurse or Occupational Physician pending requirements.

Depending on the role, the questionnaire may request:pre employment medicals perth

  • Health History
  • Employment History
  • Referrals
  • Proof of existing medical condition management
  • Past Workers Compensation claims
  • Vaccinations or immunity acquired (if relevant), and
  • Applicants declaration verifying the accuracy of the information.

Job Description Evaluation Service

Work Health Professionals offers a job description evaluation service to determine recommended Pre Employment Medicals components.
For many applicants, this process can be achieved in a 24 hour turn around time or sooner if urgent.

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