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Online mental health training

The Mental Health Project for Workplaces

online mental health training perth

Mental health training for leaders, executives, managers and employees is essential for creating a culture of mental health awareness and support in any organisation.

Work Health Professionals provides evidence-based online mental health training, mental health eLearning, for leaders, managers and employees in Perth and WA.

With 1 in 5 Australian workers experiencing mental health conditions last year and the annual cost of mental illness reaching  $10.9 billion, mental health is becoming a defining issue for business.

Our aim is to assist organisations of any size to meet their legal and moral obligations to provide a psychologically safe workplace. Serious workers compensations claims for mental health disorders is increasing. Managing a workers psychosocial wellbeing tends to be a less understood yet important aspect of the OHS “Duty of Care” legislation for any employer.

Our mental health eLearning courses

  1. Mental Health Awareness for Leaders (managers) eLearning course – 60 minutes
  2. Mental Health Awareness for Teams (employees) eLearning course – 40 minutes
  3. Corporate Mental Health eToolkits
  4. Custom built resilience, mental health crisis management and wellbeing eLearning courses

See below for course outlines

Important to know…

  • Our online mental health eLearning courses have been designed by a psychologist and are competency based
  • They are responsive in design and run on PC, MAC and tablets.
  • All participants receive a digital certificate of completion signed by a registered psychologist.
  • All courses can be fully customised if required.
  • Completion rates can be tracked on the Learning Management System (SCORM compliant)
  • They can be used as a core training unit, for inductions, as a refresher or for remote training needs
  • All courses come with a corporate mental health digital e-toolkit

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Duty of Care obligations for mental wellbeing

Under the WA OHS legislation, an employer is obligated, so far as is reasonably practicable, to provide a safe and healthy workplace. This means they must take action to prevent or lessen potential risks to the health and safety of its employees, including their mental wellbeing.

Whilst mental health conditions present substantial costs to organisations, a 2014 research report conducted by beyondblue and PricewaterHouse Coopers (PwC) into Australian workplaces found that

“through the successful implementation of an effective action to create a mentally healthy workplace, organisations, on average, can expect a positive return on investment (ROI) of 2.3. That is, for every dollar spent on successfully implementing an appropriate action, there is on average $2.30 in benefits to be gained by the organisation”.

See more in PwC’s report “Creating a mentally health workplace – a return on investment analysis”

Online mental health course outlines

1. Mental Health Awareness – Leaders

Provides leaders and managers with practical knowledge, skills, and tools to recognise, and effectively manage and support employees in your organisation experiencing a mental health condition. This eLearning course assists leaders to:

  • adopt and encourage helpful attitudes and behaviours towards employees with a mental health condition
  • improve their mental health condition literacy
  • recognise the signs and symptoms of the most common mental health conditions (anxiety, depression and substance abuse)
  • understand relevant roles and responsibilities including the law and mental health conditions
  • performance manage an individual who may have a mental health condition; and
  • have an effective conversation with someone experiencing a mental health condition and link them into help.

Length: 60 minutes

Target Audience: Executive, senior, frontline and emerging leaders and managers who have, or will have direct people leader/manager responsibilities.

2. Mental Health Awareness – Teams

The purpose of this eLearning course is to provide your employees with the knowledge, skills, and tools to recognise mental health conditions, and understand their role and responsibilities with respect to mental health conditions. The course content includes information for employees to:

  • improve their mental health condition literacy
  • encourage helpful attitudes and behaviours towards colleagues with a mental health condition
  • know how to recognise the signs and symptoms of the most common mental health conditions
  • understand their responsibilities including the law and mental health conditions

Length: 40 minutes

Target Audience: Office-based, onsite or mobile employees, consultants, contractors or team members at all levels.

3. Corporate Online Mental Health eToolkits

Each eLearning package also comes with a digital corporate mental health eToolkit that all participants can access after completing the course. The eToolkit contains a schedule of activities that your managers or HR/HSE department can conduct throughout any give calendar year along with factsheets, tip sheets, posters and videos to refresh and build on the content covered in the eLearning module and for sharing with employees. eToolkits can be purchased separately if desired.

4. Customised Resilience, Crisis Management and Wellbeing eLearning Courses

We are also able to develop fully customised and evidence- based resilience, mental health crisis management and wellbeing eLearning courses for your business.

Our online mental health training modules are designed to compliment any existing EAP services or employee mental health initiatives that you may already have in place such as R U OK? Day.

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