CHP have been providing onsite hearing test solutions in WA for over 20 years.

As well as onsite audiometric testing, we provide onsite spirometry, vision screening, drug testing and noise surveys.

CHP are the WA onsite hearing test provider for a number of local and national Occupational Health organisations. We are also a preferred provider for local Government audiometric testing programs.

Mobile facilities

onsite hearing test WA

Our purpose built, air-conditioned mobile facility is a 3 tonne truck containing a WorkCover accredited audiometric testing booth. It can access almost all work sites in WA.

Our second facility, a caravan with an audiometric testing booth, is most  often  used as a temporary facility left onsite for days, or even weeks, to capture large  numbers and shifts. It is also WorkCover accredited.

Both of these facilities are available for hire at a day rate or half day rate, with or without testing equipment or accredited CHP staff.

Fly-in Fly-out services

CHP have a number of staff experienced at flying in and out of remote sites to service clients in time frames that meet their needs.

For remote sites that do not have an audiometric booth, our dual accredited Noise and Audiometric Officers can calibrate a quiet room to WorkCover standards and conduct onsite audiometric testing same day with CHP equipment.

We can assess groups of workers from 6 through to 600+. Our staff are multi-skilled and can incorporate assessments including audiometric testing, spirometry, vision and even Drug & Alcohol screening.

For larger  groups we can send one or more  assessors as required.  Our online booking system makes coordination of these programs easy.

Onsite hearing test solutions in WA

Depending on your needs, CHP provide 3 different solutions for onsite testing.

  1. We have two accredited mobile facilities. Mobile testing options include:
    • Full service – by one  of our WorkCover accredited Audiometric Officers
    • Hire the mobile facility only
    • Include your regionally based clients on our WA road trips – all major WA centres, once per year.
  1. If you have your own testing facility or booth, but no accredited assessors available, our staff can help.
  1. For remote sites, including FIFO sites, we offer 2 solutions:
    • On a site with an audiometric booth – our Audiometric Officers are available at a day rate, with or without testing equipment
    • On a site with no onsite booth – our Noise Officers can calibrate a quiet room onsite to WorkCover WA requirements and commence hearing testing same day.

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