Parks and gardens safety is the focus of the latest WorkSafe WA inspection program which is running over the 2017-18 financial year.

The WorkSafe inspection program will involve inspectors visiting parks and gardens in Perth and regional areas of WA.

As part of this inspection program, inspectors will look at WorkSafe priority areas such as manual tasks, hazardous substances, guarding of plant, falls from height, mobile plant and vehicle movement and slips, trips and falls.

They will also focus on areas more specific to the industry, parks and gardens safety issues, including:

  •  Working with pesticides – preparation, mixing chemicals, applying pesticides and cleaning up;
    parks and gardens safety
  •  Working with soil, potting mix or mulch – precautions against Legionnaire’s Disease;
  •  Outdoor worker safety – including working in hot conditions and bites and stings from snakes and insects;
  •  Working near power lines;
  •  Using chainsaws and other tools;
  •  Operating quad bikes;
  •  Controlling infectious diseases – including handling needles, syringes and other sharps; and
  •  Controlling noise levels to avoid noise-induced hearing loss.

Work Health Professionals can support employers to manage their Parks and Gardens safety in a number of these areas of risk and exposure.

See more in the Worksafe checklist and OSH Newsletter for Parks and Gardens employers in WA.

Onsite hearing tests

We are a Perth based provider of onsite hearing testing. We come to your work site with our WorkCover accredited mobile hearing testing truck.

From the hearing test truck we can conduct onsite audiometric testing – WorkCover and baseline or subsequent hearing tests. We can also provide other HSE services:

Workplace vaccinations

Hepatitis A/B and tetanus

Following a risk assessment and in line with your ‘Duty of Care’ under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984, you may have identified the need for a vaccination program to protect your Parks and Gardens workers from potential exposure to infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A and/or tetanus. These would be the more common exposures for gardeners, cleaners and other outdoor parks and gardens employees.

We provide onsite workplace immunisations around Perth.

Key stakeholders in the parks and gardens sector have been notified of the inspection program, and detailed information is available on WorkSafe’s website so employers can be aware of what will be expected of them if an inspector visits.

“These proactive inspection programs aim to provide employers with information on how to comply with workplace safety laws and help them to identify risks to the safety and health of workers,” Ms North said.

“We firmly believe that raising awareness with proactive inspection programs is the best way in which to lessen the risk of work-related injury and illness.”

See more on workplace safety and health and the checklist and OSH Newsletter for Parks and Gardens employers in WA

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