“Do you do skin screening with dermoscopy?” “What technology do you use?”

These are common questions we get asked when people begin researching skin cancer screening services for their employees.

Providing skin screening, especially for employees who work outdoors and are at greater risk of sun exposure as part of their work, is in line with your ‘Duty of Care’ under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984. Many providers use traditional skin cancer screening processes,  a standard visual inspection with or without the use of a digital camera.

WHP takes a thorough approach to skin screening services in Perth and WA.

Skin Screening with Dermoscopy

We have invested in modern technologies to ensure that you and your employees receive a high quality skin screening program designed to detect skin cancers in their earliest stages. And we only employ experienced skin screening nurses, accredited with the Certificate of Dermoscopy, to manage our onsite skin screening programs. All of our programs include skin screening with dermoscopy.

What is Dermoscopy?

Dermoscopy (or dermatoscopy) is the examination of the skin using skin surface microscopy. Skin screening dermoscopy is mainly used to evaluate pigmented skin lesions. When used by those with the right education and experience it can make it easier to identify suspicious skin lesions.

Dermoscopy requires a high quality magnifying lens and a powerful lighting system.  This is known as a dermatoscope.  Is is basically a magnifier with bright white light and it used to assess your body for any suspicious moles or spots.

skin screening with dermoscopy perth


If any lesions are identified, the skin screening nurse will take a photograph and use integrated software to help interpret the pictures to identify if the mole or spot is harmless or at a risk of being cancerous.

Any pictures taken are saved and mapped to your individual patient file. WHP will securely store these images which can then be used for comparison in future skin screenings with us. In the event that a mole or spot presents as being suspicious, the Nurse will provide you a referral to your GP or local Skin Clinic.

Your patient file with images of your scans can be emailed to yourself or your GP so they can review these images during your referral appointment.

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