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Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Noise Surveys – WA regs

Noise at the workplace is a major cause of deafness in Western Australia. If people’s ears are exposed to loud noise continually over a period of time, the nerve cells in the inner ear may eventually die and not respond to sound. This condition is called noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). NIHL loss cannot be…

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What is an audiogram?

In a nutshell an audiogram can show: your level of hearing any change in your hearing level ie: damage possibly caused by exposure to noise at work patterns of change in hearing, for individuals or groups, which can help employers manage risk in the workplace to avoid causing employee hearing loss, compensation and litigation How…

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Audiometric tests – WA WHS regulations

Audiometric tests – planning for the new WHS regulations It is anticipated that the new WA Work Health Safety (WHS) regulations for audiometric tests are likely to reflect that of harmonised States such as NSW and QLD. Under NSW WHS regulations, clause 58 requires that the employer provides audiometric testing at least every 2 years if…

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3 things to do before a hearing test

Why you should think about these “3 things to do before a hearing test”! Mining, construction, defence forces, manufacturing, carpentry, music…all these occupations have one thing in common.  They are among the noisiest professions in Australia. As per the Workers Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981, it is compulsory for employers in WA to arrange and…

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Mine site hearing testing WA

Audiometric testing for WA mine sites WHP provide mine site hearing testing services, including WorkCover baseline and air conduction hearing tests, for many mining operations around WA. As noted in the DMIRS Management of Noise in WA Mining Operations guideline, it is important to “establish a program for workers exposed to noise levels above the action…

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