Audiometric testing regulations in WA

The Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981, governed by WorkCover WA, requires a baseline audiometric test be provided by employers to all employees exposed to (prescribed) noise in the workplace.

The assessment must be conducted by a WorkCover WA registered audiometric officer, or audiologist, utilising approved protocols, test environment (audio booth) and equipment.

Work Health Professionals conduct all onsite and mobile hearing testing to these strict standards.

Work hearing test regulations serve the employee by establishing a baseline hearing test measure for compensation should change occur indicating an injury. It also serves to protect the employer against ‘bogus’ Workers Compensation claims. Worker baseline hearing tests done on all new employees can also go some way to protect an employer against any hearing loss incurred at a previous employer’s work site.

The WorkCover WA video below explains the testing requirements of employers and outlines information for workers if their hearing has been affected due to a noisy workplace.

How often should you do work hearing testing?

As per the WA work hearing test regulations, all new employees in a noisy workplace must have a baseline hearing test within 12 months of commencing employment, regardless of whether the worker is wearing hearing protection. Regular (annual) audiometric testing is recommended by Safe Work Australia in the National Code of Practice for Noise Management and Protection of Hearing at Work. This is because it allows for better risk management for the employer and greater awareness of any loss for the employee.

Regular testing can also help you avoid potential workers compensation claims for Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

See more in WorkCover WA’s “Guide to Noise Induced Hearing Loss”

Can employees request a hearing test?

Workers may request in writing a subsequent hearing test annually from their employer. It is the employers  responsibility to arrange and pay for all WorkCover WA hearing tests.

Hearing test reports

Work Health Professionals use continuously updated audiological software to provide you with accurate and relevant audiometric testing reports.
The individual and employer copies of reports are available on the same day of testing. A range of other audiometric assessment reports, including reports that allow you to compare % hearing loss over time by department, role and/or worker can be provided after each round of testing, and as requested if we have your history of audiometric testing on file. We can add your previous data if required.
Here are some examples of our electronic audiometric reports:

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